OVAL Industrial Affiliates Program


Member Benefits

  1. Engagement and participation in research in conversational agent technology. Members are invited to send one visitor to Stanford
  2. Opportunities to recruit graduates from the lab.
  3. The lab will provide engagement on internal projects using our open-source technology.
  4. Members will be invited to annual workshops.


Members of this affiliate program agree to support the research of the laboratory with a membership fee of $250K/year. Memberships are auto-renewed annually for three years. OVAL is a Stanford University industrial affiliates program and is subject to university policies for such programs including openness in research, publication and broad sharing of results, and faculty freedom to pursue research topics and methodology of their choice.

Please see the Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Membership for more details.


The Open Virtual Assistant Lab Researchers will use and develop open-source software, and it is the intention of all Open Virtual Assistant Lab Program researchers that any software released will be released under an open source model, such as BSD. The Program is open to all Stanford faculty who share this goal.

More Information

For further information, please contact Monica Lam, the Faculty Lab Director.