The Stanford OVAL

Knowledge Assistant

We build LLM-Augmented Cognition Systems (LLM-CSys) that combine the expressive language skills of LLMs with the interpretability and reliability of software systems. We connect LLMs with databases, compilers, and executive functions to create assistants that are more trustworthy and helpful.

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Standalone LLMs are like the speech centers in our brains. They rely on the prefrontal cortex for executive functions (attention, long-term planning) to communicate effectively.

- Professor Monica Lam


"Controlling and Grounding Large Language Models for Conversational Assistants"

Generative AI and Foundation Models Workshop, Stanford Computer Forum, April 12, 2023

We invite students, researchers, and corporations to join us to advance the state of the art in conversational agents research and to apply the technology to real-world use cases.



OVAL acknowledges the support of the National Science Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Verdant Foundation, Microsoft Azure Cloud Credits, KDDI, Sony Playstation, JP Morgan Chase Faculty Research Award, HAI Seed Grants, Linux Foundation, and the Open Voice Network. We also want to thank our partners Alpha Vantage, Baidu, Picovoice, Yelp, and for their support.