Open Virtual Assistant Manifesto

  • Democratize AI for linguistic user interfaces. We should have open, collaborative research to put open-source linguistic technology in the hands of all businesses. (The LUInet project)
  • An open non-proprietary linguistic web. All skills, or linguistic user interfaces, should be made available to any virtual assistant. (The Thingpedia project)
  • Sharing with individual data ownership. Consumers should have a choice in virtual assistant services and the ability to control how we share our data. (The Almond project)

We are starting a world-wide open-source initiative, Open Virtual Assistant Lab (OVAL), to create an ecosystem founded on open virtual assistant technology. OVAL is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1900638. This project gathers together experts in distributed systems, programming languages, natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge engineering, security, human-computer interaction, and crowdsourcing to create the world’s best virtual assistant.

Presentations & Interviews

Current Projects


Almond is a general-purpose, federated virtual assistant that respects the user's privacy by running on-device and offering flexible access control.


An open, crowdsourced repository of Web and Internet of Things APIs, their metadata and all the ways to express them in natural language.


An open-source dataset and model for natural language understanding in virtual assistants, as well as tools to acquire data and extend it to new domains.


Brassau combines voice with automatically generated graphical user interfaces to take advantage of the best of each modality.






Senior Members


Previous members of our team include Albert Chen, Zhiyang He, Jiaqi Xue, Aashna Garg, Jiwon Seo, Sadjad Fouladi, Reynis Vazquez, Rakesh Ramesh. We thank them for their valuable contribution.