All our software is available on GitHub. The current stable version of the Almond platform includes the following components:

See the release announcement and individual module changelogs for details. Additional pre-releases and unstable software are also available on GitHub.

Datasets and Trained Models

Datasets associated with the following papers are also available:

Genie: A Generator of Natural Language Semantic Parsers for Virtual Assistant Commands

SHA256 sums of the artifacts:

  c58209727093ed0b395c50fb7698edec398c1fa129b0bd79bd343108f512455a  pldi19-artifact.tar.xz
  68a0e7d24b7d9ebe6ccf58cc837c61fe8a0b5aa6649f769e62327b4a2d556186  pldi19-dataset.tar.xz

Trained Almond Model (live)

The automatically-trained and continously-updated model used by Almond is temporarily not available for download, while our infrastructure is migrating to be more stable and scalable. We are working to restore its availability soon, and when the migration is complete download instructions will appear here.