All our software is available on GitHub. The current stable version of the Almond platform includes the following components:

See the release announcement and individual module changelogs for details. Additional pre-releases and unstable software are also available on GitHub.

Datasets and Trained Models

Datasets associated with the following papers are also available:

Zero-Shot Transfer Learning with Synthesized Data for Multi-Domain Dialogue State Tracking

ACL 2020

Please use the instructions at to download the dataset and software necessary to reproduce this paper.

Genie: A Generator of Natural Language Semantic Parsers for Virtual Assistant Commands

PLDI 2019

SHA256 sums of the artifacts:

  c58209727093ed0b395c50fb7698edec398c1fa129b0bd79bd343108f512455a  pldi19-artifact.tar.xz
  68a0e7d24b7d9ebe6ccf58cc837c61fe8a0b5aa6649f769e62327b4a2d556186  pldi19-dataset.tar.xz

Trained Almond Model (live)

To download the continuously updated, live version of the main Almond natural language model for American English, use the following links:

You must have an Almond account to download the pretrained models. Additional languages might also be available, see for details.